Mail Box Rental

Discover the benefits of having a postal office box rental

For busy travelers, expanding businesses and cautious residents, a mail box rental is a great way to receive your mail while protecting your privacy. Rental mail boxes can be just as convenient as personal boxes, whether they are located in a post office, building complex or other public space. Learn about the variety of features in residential and commercial mail box rentals and what you will need to acquire one.

Post Office Box Rental

A mail box rental can be a good alternative to purchasing a personal mail box for your home or property—it will certainly be cheaper, and it is a more flexible choice if you move residences relatively often. A PO box rental will let you keep your home address private but will still be easy to access.

Although the United States Postal Service is the standard company that offers PO boxes for rent, many grocery stores and shipping companies also offer locking mail boxes for personal use. Typically, the more convenient the location, the higher demand for mailbox rentals, so be prepared to look around and join a waiting list. Like many storage rentals, mail box rentals can be rented by the month or more, and sometimes longer-term rentals will come with a discount.

Rental cost will also be determined by the size of the box, so you can save a few dollars by sticking with a smaller size. However, be sure your box will have more than enough space to handle your average amount of mail, which will come in handy when you are on vacation or are otherwise away from home for more than a few days. You will probably need three pieces of identification to obtain a mailbox rental, such as a driver’s license, passport, social security card or a piece of mail with your current address.

Commercial Mail boxes

For more privacy and convenience than a business address can offer, look into a commercial mail box rental. A commercial mail box can be a post office box or a private box, and each will bring certain advantages. Mail will generally arrive faster at PO boxes than business addresses, and it is quite easy to open multiple PO boxes in a variety of locations as you expand your business to multiple cities. For businesses that receive large volumes of mail, the USPS also offers a business mail pickup service, which costs between $410 and $660 for a six-month period.

Unlike the USPS, some private mail box rental services will also accept courier deliveries. Many services will provide an online service to keep track of the mail and packages that arrive at your out-of-town mail box, and some companies charge lower rates than the USPS. However, if you decide to go with a private company for your personal or commercial mailbox, investigate how they operate and what services are included in their base rental fee.

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