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Whether you need a small space to tuck some things away for a short while or a long-term rental to store most of your possessions, there are storage unit rentals that will suit your situation. Learn what to look for in a storage unit rental, what you can expect to pay and how to get the most out of your space.

Storage Rental Services

Most storage rentals are at least 50 square feet, but can go as large as 400 square feet or more. You will find that storage rental companies are typically located outside of city centers, where there is ample space for large buildings; look for storage units for rent that are as close as possible to major roads or expressways for convenient access.

Depending on what you plan to store, you may need a heated space or thick insulation—ask about availability and pricing for these extra features when you begin your search. Typically, storage and warehouse rentals are priced by the month, but the price may not include bonus features like shelving, security and maintenance. And like other rental property insurance, self-storage insurance is a good way to prepare for unexpected loss or damage to your things due to vandalism, extreme weather or building collapse. Storage container rentals that are intended to be used at your home or office can be customized to suit your needs, but this will come at a price and you will most likely have to pay for shipping, as well.

Storage facilities generally allow access during the day and evening, and they will set storage and payment guidelines for your unit. Self-storage rentals are intended for non-flammable and non-perishable items, and you can be fined for storing prohibited objects, late payment and for leaving your space dirty. Go online to compare storage facilities in your area—most companies will outline how much you can fit in a given size of storage container, and will outline their policies of use.

How to Maximize your Storage Rental

Storage units are priced by size, so you can save quite a bit of money by effectively filling a smaller rental rather than haphazardly packing a larger space. It will be a good idea to leave a clear walkway to the back of the unit, in case you need to access a box before you thought you would, and be sure to label the boxes clearly. You will find that you can fit a lot more in if you first disassemble the parts of furniture and use any shelving for lighter goods.

If you intend for your things to remain in the storage unit for a long time, take care to clean, dry and protect them before you pack them. Some items like photographs and albums are heat sensitive, so you will need a climate-controlled room to prevent any damage to delicate goods. Also, it is always a good idea to use wooden boards or pallet to promote air circulation under furniture, boxes and mattresses.

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