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Managing a property can be a full-time endeavor, and many landlords simply do not have the time or patience to keep stacks of papers updated and organized. Whether you have 1 or 10 properties to keep track of, find user-friendly software for property management to better organize your records.

Property Management and Software

Property management software is a great solution to the record-keeping dilemma, as it will be designed to organize all of the features and responsibilities of managing rental properties, from tenant accounts to property maintenance. However, this will be of little use to you if you cannot figure out how to use it, so look around for a computerized property management system that is straightforward and offers user support. A brand that offers a comprehensive website with user forums and a virtual help desk will be a good choice, especially if you haven’t used this type of software before.

Types of Property Management Software

Real estate property management software will be vital part of any property management system for landlords who own several rental properties. When everything is kept in one place, you will be better prepared for tax time, legal issues and any other rental matters that come your way. Though equipped with plenty of helpful features, all-in-one packages can be pricey; you can save some money by choosing software that focuses on one area of your rental business. You can also use software designed specifically for monitoring rental payment, managing taxes and accounts or recording and organizing legal documents.

When shopping for software, look for a product that is designed for your specific rental management needs. Commercial property management software will be perfect for keeping track of larger business rentals, but may fall short if you apply it to residential rental properties that require you to fulfill the expectations of many tenants. One helpful feature to look for in residential property management software is an option for online rental payment, which will make it easy for the tenant to pay and easy for the landlord to collect.

You will find that your income and expenses will be much easier to track with property management accounting software, especially if you are juggling maintenance fees, rental payments and renters insurance for a number of properties. Software that is specific to the real estate industry will be much more accommodating than general accounting software, as it will be designed to track multiple units, vacancies and tenants.

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