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From a mountain retreat to a sunny beach holiday, a vacation rental can offer more than a conventional lodge, hotel or resort can provide. A vacation home can be rented for a short-term or a long-term stay and can range from a completely self-sufficient cottage to a lavishly outfitted villa. Find out about popular rental destinations and how to find a vacation rental to suit your needs.

Popular Vacation Rentals

For those who crave a beach vacation with more relaxation and privacy than can be found in a busy hotel, consider the advantages of beach rentals on the most beautiful, sought-after beaches in the country. A Florida vacation rental is a great way to stay close to the action and amusement without getting caught up in the crowds of tourists that occupy the hotels and condos that line the beaches. A timeshare rental will offer a premium property at an affordable price for a week or two, and an Orlando vacation rental can come at a reduced cost in the off-season.

A Hawaiian vacation rental will ensure a magnificent and exotic vacation experience, whether you are planning a family holiday or a honeymoon. A Kauai vacation rental can come in the form of a romantic cottage for two or a six-bedroom estate to house a family reunion or an indulgent executive retreat. To experience the culture and charm of the European tradition, look into a villa rental for your holiday in Italy or France; many agree that a villa will ensure a more authentic and enriching stay.

For those who would prefer to experience the forest serenity and exciting activity of the mainland, a Tahoe vacation rental will bring all of the comforts of home and can even save you money on accommodation. Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular destinations in the nation all year round, so it is no surprise that accommodation can be in high demand and can come at a premium. However, a Lake Tahoe vacation rental home can be the most affordable solution for a larger group, as many of the houses can sleep up to 12 people.

How to Find a Vacation Rental

A good place to begin your search for the perfect vacation rental is on a vacation rental website that is designed to connect property owners to prospective renters. The service will let you browse through a number of properties that fit your budget and your style, supplying you with the owners’ contact information and relevant photos of the properties. You may be asked to complete your transaction through the online service, but a renter will typically deal directly with the property owner. However, some luxury vacation rental companies will take care of every detail of your trip for you. Be sure to read reviews from previous renters to make sure the owner is reliable and the property is everything it claims to be.

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