Luxury Vacation Rental

Discover excellent luxury villa rental options

For many people, a memorable vacation will depend on the accommodation as much as on the weather. With some advice on where to look, how to compare and what to expect, you can find a truly relaxing, impressive and indulgent holiday with a luxury vacation rental in a beautiful destination.

About Luxury Vacation Rentals

There are some online services that have been developed to help both the owner and the renter find what they need, and this will be a good place to begin your search. Although the vacation property will be rented through the owner, a luxury rental service will be helpful in your decision making, and will be able to answer any questions you may have about the rental process. They can do everything from suggesting the perfect villa for your group to finding and booking your flights.

There will usually be a minimum night stay for most luxury rentals, beginning at two or three nights in some destinations and climbing to 10 nights in peak seasons. When using online services to book a luxury vacation rental, you may be worried that such a large deposit may not end up where you had intended it to go. Although fraudulent practices are relatively uncommon among vacation rental owners, it is wise to do some research to avoid disappointment. Ask for references from previous clients, talk to the owner, property manager or rental service over the phone and ask questions about extra costs. For instance, if you are considering hiring a personal chef or housekeeping service during your stay, find out what you can expect to pay before you get the bill.

Most properties require the owner to take out rental property insurance, but this will not cover your personal belongings. You will also likely be charged a cancellation fee and a damage deposit will be expected upon booking. Although some owners decide to offer discounts on their properties at certain times of the year, the opulence and convenience of a luxury vacation rental will come at a high price.

Popular Luxury Vacation Rentals

For a luxury villa rental in Italy, look for properties around the Lake Como area, about an hour’s drive from Milan. Here you will find some of the most magnificent private estates to rent by the week or the month, with full housekeeping services and beautifully manicured grounds to guarantee a lavish experience.

If you’re looking for something closer to home, consider a Florida Gulf Coast luxury vacation rental. With some of the most renowned golf courses in the state, you will find beautiful beaches and an elegant lifestyle from Cape Coral to Naples. A Hawaii luxury vacation rental can be found on any of the islands, and will typically cater to exclusive clientele; many rental services will also be able to charter you a private jet or luxury boat to travel around the islands.

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