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Everything you need to know about Florida timeshare rentals and more

As timeshares have grown in popularity, so too have timeshare rentals. For those who have been frustrated with the booking procedures and expensive luxury of hotels and conventional resorts, consider a timeshare rental. While buying a timeshare involves a fairly large commitment, renting one can bring all the benefits and conveniences without the expense. Find out what to expect from a timeshare rental and how to get a good deal with minimum effort.

Top Timeshare Rental Locations

Although you can find timeshares for rent all over the world, some of the most popular destinations and best deals will be closer to home. A Fairfield timeshare rental will be backed by years of experience and high service standards, as the company has been in the vacation rental business for quite a long time. It is one of the largest vacation rental companies around, and whether you are looking for a Florida timeshare rental or a timeshare rental in Las Vegas, you will likely be able to find a Fairfield rental. Although some timeshare rentals will advertise a price per day, most are rented by the week especially those outside of the United States, such as an Aruba timeshare rental.

How Timeshare Rentals Work

You can often find a timeshare rental for a very affordable price, as some timeshare owners may begin to struggle to afford their payments, are unable to use their timeshare for any number of reasons or simply want to make some money on their investment. A timeshare rental can also save you the time and effort that comes with planning an affordable vacation during busy times of the year.

Timeshare accommodation is generally much nicer than the average hotel, plus you will likely have a full kitchen, more than one bathroom and a swimming pool. The best way to find a timeshare rental is online, where there are services that operate as timeshare “classifieds” to help owners advertise their timeshares and help renters find properties. Thus, unlike a typical villa or luxury vacation rental, a timeshare property will be listed directly by the owner instead of a rental service, which often translates into a lower price for you. On certain timeshare websites, you can plug in your preferred destination and the dates of your vacation to see what is available.

Alternatively, you can visit an auction site to sidestep any direct communication with the owner and simply bid on properties as they come up for rent. These will operate like other online auction sites, where a buyer and a seller can negotiate an agreeable price of the timeshare together. There are not typically any advertising or bidding fees attached, but you will want to contact the seller for information before you start the bidding process to ensure you know what you are getting into.

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