Vacation Home Rental

What you need to know about vacation rental homes

A vacation home rental is quickly becoming a popular alternative to the traditional resort vacation, as your dollar can often go further in terms of amenities, privacy and convenience. Find out where to look for a vacation rental home and how to ensure an affordable and satisfying stay.

Types of Vacation Home Rental

A vacation rental home can either be rented directly from the owner or through a rental company. When you rent from the owner of the property, the rates and services will be determined by the owner, though they are often affiliated with a larger company that matches prospective renters to their properties. The benefit to renting from the owner is that you can contact them directly to tap into their intimate knowledge of the property. On the other hand, a busy owner can often be hard to reach, and some owners are simply not as considerate as you would like. A more convenient way to find a vacation rental suited to your needs will be to search through the properties listed by a vacation home service.

You will easily be able to find a selection of centralized home rental services online; some offer rental homes all across the globe while others specialize in a certain area or feature, such as beach rentals. This type of rental service is often more trustworthy and the rental process is typically more streamlined than dealing directly with the property owner, because the agency has a system of standard checks and inspection procedures to follow.

Although they will likely require a damage deposit and will have a slightly higher rental fee to cover the middleman, you will be able to count on a cleaning service before your arrival, some standard provisions and a policy to refund your fee in case of hazardous weather or other threats to the site. Also, some rental services are affiliated with car rental companies, which can bring you a welcome discount on your vehicle rental during your stay. A Hawaii vacation home rental will often require a car rental as well, considering the terrain and limited public transport on the islands.

Popular Vacation Home Rentals

Although you can find a vacation home rental in virtually every state and exotic holiday destination, there are some places that tend to offer a wider selection of vacation homes for rent, often with some good deals at certain times of the year. With its parks, attractions and sunny winter weather, Florida has always been a great family vacation destination. A Florida vacation home rental can be a good alternative to a hotel or resort, offering your family more privacy along with the comforts of home.

A typical Orlando vacation home rental will likely be a bit more expensive than other Florida rentals, considering the proximity to the most popular parks and attractions. However, hotel prices can be sky-high at certain times of year, and a vacation home rental can offer more amenities at a very comparable cost. Begin your search online, and make sure to include tax, damage deposits and any other extra fees when comparing different rental services.

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